September 12, 2016 / by Drew Wheeler / In photography

My love affair with the fuji x100t

I have loved photography for a long time and the DSLR was my tried and true camera. But the Fuji x100t is starting to pull me away from the world of the DSLR and I credit it with reigniting my passion. In this post I am going to give a little run down of why I love the x100t.

1. Light and Compact

The pros of the DSLR are vast; unfortunately one of its pros is definitely not being light and compact. Over the course of my photography journey I slowly began to bring my DSLR along with me less and less. If I was photographing a family session or a wedding my DSLR came with me, but otherwise I settled for my iphone. It is sad, I know! But unless I was going out with the specific task of taking photographs, I left my DSLR at home. This is not the case with the x100t. Going for a hike? I bring it. Grabbing some sushi? I bring it. Walking to the grocery store? I bring it. The camera is so light and compact that I happily carry it around basically anywhere I go. What this means is that I can capture those images that grab you during day to day life, which are often the most valuable.


2. Beautiful JPEGs

I was one of those people that shot RAW images 99% of the time. I was never quite happy with the way that my DSLR rendered JPEGs straight out of the camera. With the x100t I’ve switched to shooting 99% JPEGs, in large part thanks to the beautiful way that Fuji renders their JPEGs. If you provide the x100t with great light it in turn provides you with mind blowingly beautiful JPEGs.


3. Wifi

You know those features that you think you’ll never use but they end up being one of your favourites? Well built-in wifi is one of those features for me. Thanks to the x100t’s beautiful JPEGs and light and compact size I am able to move photographs directly from the camera to my iphone or ipad and do some quick and light processing using VSCO on the fly. The old me with my DSLR would take photographs and then come home and eventually get around to importing the RAW files onto my computer, processing them, converting them to JPEGs and then maybe sharing them. With the way that life gets in the way, this entire process would easily take days, if not weeks. On that note, I think I have a collection of RAW images from my trip to Costa Rica from 2 years ago that are still waiting to be dealt with.


4. Manual Controls

I love photography not only for its creative and artistic side, but also for how its precise and scientific nature. So the fact that the x100t has full manual controls, that are quick and intuitive is obviously another of the reasons that I am in love with it.


5. It is a beautiful camera!

The above four items combine to create an amazing camera. It is literally changing the way I photograph and I know that it is going to help me evolve into a stronger photographer, both creatively and technically. Of course the looks of a camera play no part in the images that it creates, but having a beautiful looking camera sure is nice. Well, the Fuji x100t is exactly that, a straight up BEAUTIFUL camera.


These are just a handful of the reasons that I love the Fuji x100t. I could go on about the electronic viewfinder, its film simulations, and its beautiful 23mm fixed lens. But what I love about the x100t is not so much for all its technically prowess (which is does have), I love it for the way it gets out of the way and just lets me capture great images. I’m excited to continue my x100t love affair and see where it takes me!