February 12, 2017 / by Drew Wheeler / In coding , education

My "Why Learn Coding?" Game

I’m going to be applying for the upcoming Google Innovators Program. My proposed project obviously deals with coding education, so I thought that it made sense to actually code something for my application. To help me show others the positives of learning to code, I decided to code a simple game that identifies some of the reasons I think kids should at least be exposed to basic coding. My game is appropriately called “Why learn coding?”. Although, it does not keep score or time so I guess it is more of an activity than a game.

Big thanks to Emanuele Feronato for his excellent book that walked me through the process of creating my first game using the Phaser framework. You can check out his book here. All art work was created myself using Paper 53, a great drawing/doodling/note-taking/anything you can dream of app.